Martin Shkreli Wants To Buy The New Kanye West Album For Himself

Shkreli got no chill. But we knew that.

By Eric Shorey

Martin Shkreli, that dude from college who would always try and talk about Ayn Rand at house parties, has moved on from making necessary AIDS drugs unaffordable to picking fights with various rappers. As if he hadn't humiliated himself enough after his run in with the Wu, the blobfish faced ultra-capitalist is now attempting to buy the recently debuted Kanye West album, The Life of Pablo, for himself.

Shkreli tweeted to Kanye just yesterday, offering ten million to posses exclusive rights to the new work, hoping keeping it from the public (for no real reason other than that he is a total assh*le):

The offer is obviously absurd, especially considering the news that also broke yesterday pertaining to Shkreli's ongoing legal and financial troubles. From Gawker: "Martin Shkreli ... [allegedly] owes the government quite a bit of money—$4,628,928.55, to be precise ... Federal prosecutors revealed that one of Shkreli’s E-trade brokerage accounts, initially worth about $45 million had shrunk considerably, to less than $5 million, thereby endangering his bail."

But reality (or human decency) has never stopped Marty before. He's now attempting to force Kanye's hand on the purchase:

Kanye West, wisely, has not responded to the offer. He's probably too busy picking new fights with Taylor Swift.

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