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Maybelline Announced Their First Male Beauty Campaign Face

He's born with it.

In October, the first male CoverGirl was announced, a high school senior from Bethlehem, N.Y., named James Charles. Charles has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube, where he gives wildly popular makeup tutorials. Many applauded CoverGirl for being a big-name brand that acknowledged that makeup is enjoyed across the gender spectrum, and it appears that other companies are following in their footsteps.

Teen Vogue reports that another YouTube sensation, Manny Gutierrez, has been made the new campaign face of Maybelline. Much like Charles, Gutierrez has a big Instagram and YouTube following, and you can see why:


In a statement Gutierrez said that he’s “thrilled to be able to work with a global brand like Maybelline that is recognizing male influencer talent and is willing to shine a spotlight on it.” But by his side is also beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell, also named a Maybelline face for their The Colossal Big Shot mascara campaign. So really, it’s the best of both worlds:

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