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McDonalds Just Released An Unintentionally Vulgar Holiday Cup

It's hilariously x-rated.

Oh goodness. We've already found ourselves embroiled in one Holiday drink cup scandal this year and we're getting ready for another. Although it seems to have not spread virally quite yet, McCafe's seasonal greetings were a little too reminiscent of, well, see for yourself:

Those not familiar with early internet meme Goatse would do well to NEVER LOOK INTO IT. JUST PRETEND LIKE YOU NEVER READ THE WORD AND DON'T GO BACK.

Anyway, those mittens look like a butt and it's funny.

Wait, are those mittens? They might not be mittens. What the hell is going on here?

Originally spotted by Huffington Post Queer Voices Deputy Editor and notable New York club kid JamesMichael Nichols, the image is slowly amassing shares on Facebook.

How long until conservatives start boycotting Mickey Dees over the unintentionally salacious drink container? I'll give it a few days.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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