McDonald’s Unveils Chocolate-Covered French Fries

Salty, sweet McChoco Potato debuts in Japan

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

What makes French fries from McDonald’s even better? Dipping them in a thick, chocolate shake. If you’ve discovered the deliciousness of this salty and sweet food combination, get yourself a plane ticket to Japan: home of the brand new chocolate-covered french fries option at McDonald's. 

CBS News shares the announcement of the McChoco Potato: “Japanese customers can now enjoy an ideal combination of McDonald's French fries drizzled with two types of chocolate sauces -- chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate." McDonald’s says the creation, available starting January 26, "creates a wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste." 

McDonald’s tweaks its menu to fit local tastes around the globe. Foodies can buy McAloo Tikki in India and you can go to Egypt for a McArabia Grilled Kofta.

A spokesperson tells CBS News that there’s no plan to bring the McChoco Potato to America--yet--so for now we’ll have to keep ordering fries AND a chocolate shake if we want our very own diabetic comas. 

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