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Meek Mill (Accidentally) Got Into A Feud With An Instagram Model

Meek is at it again.

Meek Mill just got himself into even more social media drama, but at this point, is anyone even surprised? Surprisingly, Meek isn't beefing with another rapper; this time, his opponent is an Instagram model.

Earlier this week, Meek went all "What are those?" and wrote a snarky comment about one of Insta model Empresaria's photos. Empresaria posted a photo of herself rocking a pair of Timberlands (and little else), and Meek got smart, reposting it and writing, "I will look past that thot pose just to air them yuttas/boots out."

Well, Empresaria noticed the Instagram shenanigans going on and fired back at him.

"Nobody talks about my timbs and gets away with it," she wrote, reposting his post. "Meek Mill will be addressed."


She also addressed Meek in an Instagram video (with Drake's "Back to Back" playing in the background, naturally) and said that she doesn't have a problem being called a thot, but what she does have a problem with is someone claiming her Timbs are fake. (I mean, ok. Priorities, I guess.) As she explained in the video below, they are very much the real deal.


Meek then explained that he was actually just kidding around, writing, "I was just joking, damn beybayyy."

I guess all's well that ends well? At least this beef didn't end in any more diss tracks.

[Photo: Getty Images, Instagram]

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