Meek Mill Drags Nicki into his Feud with Drake

Are you tired of the Drake/Meek Mill feud? Too bad.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are you tired of the Drake/Meek Mill feud? Too bad. Meek seems to have no intention of letting this thing go, and now he's brought Nicki into it too (and Caitlyn Jenner, weirdly enough).

During a show in Camden, New Jersey on Wednesday night, Meek took to the stage yet again to reignite his feud with Drake. 

The full lyrics have been transcribed, but here a few standout lines: "So I don’t think it’s bout no rapping, it’s bout Nicki/He told us he was first in line but it got tricky/I still wake up with the lady you said you was first in line with."

Meek is of course refering to the thirst Drake shamelessly displayed during his verse on Nicki's song, "Only." The line in question: "She got a man, but when that's over I'm first in line."

Meek and Nicki also shared this cute moment on stage:

Some speculate that Meek's gift is an apology for dragging Nicki into a feud -- but who really knows? Either way he keeps dragging her back in for more. 

Meanwhile, Philly is split over whether or not to claim Meek. Though some loyalists remain, the Philadelphia Eagles are apparently #TeamDrake, since they played "Back to Back" during practice yesterday.

Will Meek finally put an end to the random verses he's been dropping at shows all over the country and just release another official diss track? Will Drake stop teasing and hit us with the "3 peat"? What city will Meek rep now that Philly has abandoned him? Tune in on the next episode of "Social Media Rap Beefs" to find out!

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