Meek Mill Finally Gets Back At Drake With “War Pain”

Did you miss this beef? Neither did we.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The battle between Meek Mill and Drake wages on. Just when we thought Meek was down for the count, the Philly rapper returns with his most vicious track to date called “War Pain.”

Meek sets the premise for his songs in Toronto (hometown of Drake). He says his girlfriend Nicki Minaj is with him in bed—sexy-- while Drake is upstairs, too scared to approach him. “Location: Toronto; Status: five star hotel, Four Seasons. Them chumps right upstairs, they know not to come down here playin' no real n*ggas. Mood, I'm still up countin' five hundred

thousand cash. Nicki in the bedroom sleep, life is good,” he begins on the track.

Meek claims that Drake tried to befriend him once and now he’s acting like a tough guy. “When I met you, you was on my d*ck/Asked me to hold the DC chain, now you on some shit.” He also refers to Drake as a “culture vulture” and “soft as the lacrosse team.” 

What’s most interesting, is Meek raps in reference to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.” So how was Meek able to respond within moments of Drake’s new release? The rapper claims that Drake’s ghostwriter informed him about “Summer Sixteen” beforehand. “The ghost writer told me!” he laughs in a new Instagram post. Eeks. Looks like Drake may have a mole in his camp.

The ghost writer told me! 😂

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Do you think Drake will respond to “War Pain”?

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