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Meek Mill Is Getting Dragged On Instagram Over A Pair Of White Jeans

Poor Meek.

The internet is coming for Meek Mill again.

The Philly rapper is known for taking Ls — and even having a sense of humor about it all — but instead of getting blasted over his rivalry with Drake or his (past) relationship with Nicki Minaj, this time he's getting dragged because of his fashion choices, SOHH.com reports.

Yesterday, Meek posted a photo of himself surrounded by expensive cars and sporting an all-white outfit. Those jeans though? All white, covered in words, and showing about two inches of ankle? Meek didn't stand a chance.

"Wtf are you wearing? Cmon now," one fan wrote, while another added, "Meek, you messed up with this outfit my man."

To put it simply? "Meek those pants aint working for ya homie."

Is Meek a fashion killa ahead of his time, or were those jeans just a sad, sad mistake? Take a look below.

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