Meek Mill Responds To Rumors That He Was Connected To Nicki Minaj's Home Robbery

His response is pretty simple...

By Aimée Lutkin

Last Thursday, Nicki Minaj’s house got robbed of about $200,000 while she was out of town. Not only was she robbed, her house was very thoroughly trashed. Items that definitely didn’t contain wads of cash were broken, like perfume bottles and picture frames. Clothes were taken out of her closet and cut up. Considering the brands Nicki wears, it’s a messed up robber who would destroy those Balmain threads rather than running off with them. It’s almost like whoever broke into her house had a personal vendetta against her. Hmm, who might be pissed at Nicki Minaj right now?

If your mind immediately jumped to Meek Mill, you’re not alone. Nicki publicly separated from Meek in early January, after allegations of cheating and stories that he had ditched her birthday plans for his friends. She was seen just weeks later with Meek’s self-made enemy, Drake.

Well, TMZ caught Meek coming out of Life nightclub in Houston on Friday, asking him about the robbery. In the video, Meek leans out the car window and demands, “Do I look like I rob people?”

He shakes his chains and the diamonds on his wrist, letting us know what he’s got. When the paparazzi asks if he’s spoken to Nicki since the robbery, he responds, “You're asking too many f*****g questions about my personal life.”

I don’t actually think that Meek Mill robbed Nicki Minaj, but it’s also a funny defense to be like, “I’m obviously flush with cash!” when saying you didn’t recently steal a bunch of cash.

[Photo: Getty]

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