Meek Mill Sentenced To House Arrest

The Philly rapper dodged jail time, but may be stuck at home for up to a full year. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Meek Mill is probably taking a giant sigh of relief right about now. After a series of court appearances, the Philly rapper has been sentenced to serve up to 12 months of house arrest. Considering that he was facing possible jail time for violating his probation, spending up to a year in his mansion sounds like a pretty good deal.

On Friday, a judge ordered Meek to spend 6 to 12 months in county jail, but luckily for Meek, he's allowed to serve that time on house arrest. He's obligated to serve a minimum sentence of 90 days, after which time a judge will decide how much more of the original sentence to uphold. The biggest downside here (or upside, depending on how much of a fan of Meek's music you are) is that he's barred from rapping (and performing, obviously) while under house arrest. He can't even drop a mixtape during his sentence, Lil Wayne style. So no more diss tracks for now, but he can do charity work.

Meek was first convicted of drug possession and carrying a gun without a permit back in 2008, at which point he served eight months in prison before being sentenced to five years probation. Meek violated his parole last year by traveling beyond city limits, prosecutors claimed.

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