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Meek Mill Tried His Best To Make Drake's Time In Philly The Most Uncomfortable

The Philly native went to extreme lengths to have Drake refused for any after-party celebrations.

Will this beef ever end? In case anyone in the universe still cares, the Drake and Meek Mill beef is forever going strong.

So Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour is in full swing, but the rapper ran into a little bit of trouble when he stopped in Philly, the hometown of his arch nemesis, Meek. According to TMZ, Meek had his crew call around to local nightclubs requesting that they deny any requests Drake may make to throw an after-party at their locations.

As if that wasn't pointless and petty enough, Meek and his crew called in as many people as they could gather to show up at Wells Fargo Center where Drake was performing, in an effort to intimidate him. Meek's team also contacted Drake's people directly, TMZ's sources say, to offer a warning that Drake better not show any disrespect in Philly.

Dramatic, right? The warning allegedly pissed Drake off so much that he called Meek out on stage multiple times, including calling him a "p***y". Still, he didn't party in Philly that night, for whatever that's worth.

Anyway. Will someone tell Meek and Drake that this beef has reached the point where they're both starting to look silly?

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