This Siberian Twerk Team Has Everyone Excited, From Diplo To Beyonce's Choreographer

With 129 million views, twerking has reached Siberia.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Twerking has taken over the world and the next hottest twerk squad is all the way in...Siberia. The "Booty Cuties" from Fraules Dancing Centre in Siberia is taking over the internet and getting attention from the Beyonce's choreographer.

According to the Siberian Times, Yelena Yatkina is the founder of Fraules Dancing Centre in Novosibirsk, and her dance squad--dubbed the Booty Cuties--were visited by Danielle Polanco, choreographer for Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Jennifer LopezThe crew shot to fame after Major Lazer--the group featuring Diplo-- reposted one of their performance videos. 129 million views later, everyone wants a piece of them. 

"That video got so successful first because Major Lazer reposted it - that immediately brought more people to us, and then the tune went on radio and TV and became really popular among dancehall dancers," says Yelena. "Every week it adds a million more hits, I am not even always sure how it happens. We filmed it not only to promote our school, but to show how great it is here in Siberia."

See how great Siberia gets down in the viral hit below!


For more on the history of the dance, watch A Short History Of Twerking below!

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