Meet The Adorable Toddler Whose Afro Helped Launch A Modeling Career

His curls have attracted 70k fashion fans and counting.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Farouk James has no bad hair days. The adorable 4-year-old has taken his afro of luscious red curls and turned it into a thriving modeling and social media career. 

The London toddler has won hearts around the word with his hair adventures on Instagram. His account, run by mom Bonnie, has over 70k followers and shows him being all kinds of cute. Whether he's striking a pose or driving in his baby Range Rover, it's hard not to like every photo. 

For those with curly-haired little ones, Bonnie says that finding the right pillow case is key. "My top tip for parents who have children with curly hair which is prone to dryness and knotting is to sleep on a silk or satin pillow case [to] prevent the hair from losing moisture, drying out and getting split ends," she tells The Huffington Post.

Farouk isn't just Instagram #hairgoals. He's caught the eye of fashionistas and just made his debut at London Fashion Week. "I was a bit concerned, as I want him to be confident but I don't want him to have a huge ego," his mama told Buzzfeed Life"I want him to remain the kind, loving, sharing, friendly little guy that he is. If I saw any sign of anything else, I would stop the whole Instagram page."

Never stop his page!


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