Meet The Plus Size Burlesque Ballerina Inspiring Women Everywhere

You don't have to be thin to do ballet.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

When most people think of ballerinas, they think of the waifish figures you'd see twirling in a music box. But as with anything in life, you don't need to be thin to do something you love, and you don't have to be thin to do ballet; Frostine Shake is living proof of that.

Frostine is a makeup artist, burlesque performer, fashion designer, and model. As if that resume isn't impressive enough, Frostine is a classically trained ballerina, having danced from the time she was 6 or 7 all the way to the age of 16 or 17, she tells Buzzfeed. Ultimately, it was the pressure to be thin that drove her to quit as a teenager.


At 18 years old, she discovered the world of burlesque.

"I started to explore different types of dance that gave me freedom to express myself in a body-positive way," the now 30-year-old Frostine told Buzzfeed. "Burlesque showcased my love of dance, art, music, and fashion."

It wasn't long before she began to introduce her ballet training into her burlesque shows, creating her own unique blend of body positive, ballet-infused burlesque.

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"I get most of my posing, hand movements, and gestures from the grace of ballet - it makes me feel elegant and strong," Frostine continued.

Though she admits to being a bit rusty when it comes to ballet, just seeing a non-traditional ballet body exude such grace and confidence has inspired countless women in their own quests for body positivity.

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