Meet The Service Dog Who Wouldn't Leave His Autistic Owner's Bedside

This is just so, so beautiful. Be warned, though: these pics are sure to make you cry. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

There's nothing like the bond between a boy and a his dog.

9-year-old James Isaac hails from Wellington, New Zealand, and his special bond with his service dog Mahe has people everywhere getting teary-eyed at their desks.

James has autism, and though he does not speak and usually shies away from physical contact, he and Mahe have become inseparable. Mahe's presence is like a soothing balm for James, helping to calm him in situations that would have otherwise been stressful for him.

"We couldn't even go to a cafe as a family. James would get very anxious and want to leave immediately. But when we got Mahe, James would just sit there waiting for us to finish our coffee," James's mother Michelle said in an interview with New Zealand-based website, Stuff.

When James had to go to the hospital for MRI scans to determine the cause of his seizures, Mahe was not to be deterred. The black lab refused to leave James's side; while James was under general anesthesia in preparation for the procedure, hospital photographer Louise Goossens was able to capture the now-viral snapshots of Mahe comforting his friend.

"He was just looking at James, and looking really worried," Michelle said.

Just look:

"There is such a magic that happens between a child with autism and the dogs," Michelle told The Telegraph. "They just calm the kids down. The kids will maintain eye contact with the dog, but often not with their own parents and siblings."

You can see more heartwarming photos on James's Facebook page.

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