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Mehgan James And Keke Palmer Just Got Into A Serious Twitter Fight

Hygiene, STDS, and deleted tweets, oh my! These shade queens went at it.

Perhaps the best part of Bad Girls Club is when a girl's badness spills out of the mansion and into the real world. Now, one of the most notorious ladies in the BGC sisterhood, Mehgan James, is picking fights with a new enemy: Keke Palmer.

Keke is taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the ghosts of Bad Girls gone by. When she got to Season 9, she had some opinions:

Mehgan tried to brush off the comment with a quick response but things escalated quickly (as the kids like to say):

Seems OK so far, right? Here's where things really take a turn, with Mehgan going off in these since-deleted tweets (screenshots via Bossip):


Keke tries to rise above, but Mehgan drags her back down:

Keke, of course, wasn't silent through it all...

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But the drag continued...

Too bad Keke didn't seem bothered in the least:

Will the situation dissipate from here on or are we going to have to call security?

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