Merriam-Webster Adds Queer Vocabulary, Sasses Homophobes

Read, honey.

Words like "cisgender" and "genderqueer" have been floating around for a while now. Only this year have they begun entering official dictionaries as "real" words — a cause for celebration amongst LGBTQ organizations but also triggering various homophobes and other assorted bigots to rage-stroke on social media.

This whole thing started back in April, with an announcement from Merriam-Webster:

“The fact that it is in the dictionary makes a kind of indisputable fact that they are a kind of cultural reality,” said Peter Sokolowski, the editor at large of Merriam-Webster. “The fact that these words have been coming up recently is because they’re politically possible.”

“We’re not trying to be avant-garde ... We’re not crusaders for anything but accuracy," he added.

The Human Rights Campaign celebrated the additions in a post on their website: “The move helps broadens public understanding of the increasing diversity of words that people within the LGBTQ community use to describe their identities.”

Of course, backlash from conservatives prompted a sassy response from Merriam-Webster:

Here's an appropriate gif to summarize this situation:

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