Michelle Obama Does Not Want To Run For President

Awesome FLOTUS does not want to be POTUS.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Michelle Obama is an amazing First Lady and with her husband's presidency coming to an end, it's only natural that we'd love to see her run for office. Unfortunately, the FLOTUS has no plans to become the POTUS. "I will not run for president. Nope, nope, not going to do it," she said definitely.

Michelle opened up about her political aspirations during SXSW. "There is so much that I can do outside of the White House, and sometimes there is much more that you can do outside the White House without the constraints, and the lights and the cameras, and the partisanship," she said, per Yahoo News. The 52-year-old says that being the First Lady gives her a platform to enact change now. "There is a potential that my voice could be heard by many people who can't hear me now because I'm 'Michelle Obama, the first lady.'"

In the same sit down, the fashionable FLOTUS also spoke about feminism and the need for gender diversity. "When you have a seat at the table and you have access to power ... the question you can ask yourself is, 'is there diversity around the table?'” she said, per Bustle. “If you’re a man at the table and you look around and there are only men at the table, you should ask yourself, ‘how can I do better?’ There are a lot of men-only tables in this country and around the world … we need you, men. Get it together.”

We need you, Michelle Obama! 





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