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Michelle Rodriguez Is Playing A Transgender Assassin In Upcoming Action Movie

Too bad the movie, "(Re) Assignment," sounds like a total mess...

Amidst the headline-grabbing #Bomergate controversy, it has been easy to miss another upcoming project featuring a transgender character played by a cisgender actor. 

The folks behind (Re) Assignment, a forthcoming action movie starring battle goddess Michelle Rodriguez, have just released some promo images which show the actress in full trans drag. While not causing even close to as much outrage, the stills have some questioning the movie's casting and writing decisions.

Big screen depictions of transgender people are few and far between, so what could have been an opportunity to showcase a more nuanced narrative featuring an actual trans actor has already been missed. That being said, here's what Michelle looks like in the soon-to-be released movie:

And here's the official plot description of the film, which was originally going to be titled Tomboy: "A revenge tale about an ace assassin (Michelle Rodriguez) who is double-crossed by gangsters and a rogue plastic surgeon (Sigourney Weaver) operating on the fringes of society. The story becomes a trail of self-discovery and redemption against a criminal mastermind opponent."

More specifically, the movie "follows an assassin who is turned into a woman by a 'rogue surgeon' called The Doctor ... After undergoing forced sex-reassignment surgery, the 'hitman, now a hitwoman, sets out for revenge.'"

Somehow I doubt the filmmakers' ability to handle this story with sensitivity? Predictably and understandably, some are already proposing boycotts of the film.


Will Hollywood ever get the message?

[Photo: Instagram]


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