Michelle Williams Explained How She Caught Her Cheating Ex Thanks To Twitter

There's a hint or two in there about the famous culprit, too...

By Aimée Lutkin

We all snoop online. If you say you don’t, maybe that’s because you were raised by a family of kind wolves who doesn't have opposable thumbs and never taught you how to use a smartphone. Or you’re a liar. Only you know which it is.

Michelle Williams is NOT a liar, which is why she went on The Real on Tuesday and outed herself as a snoop. She said, “I’m guilty of googling, I’m guilty of lurking,” which is the very first step to cyber-stalking. In Michelle’s case it’s good she did. You don’t look if you don’t think you’re gonna find something after all, and she did.

“Actually I found out that someone I was dating for a number of years flew a young lady out while he was out on tour because she was dumb enough to put it on her Twitter that that’s where she was,” she said. “So that was the end of the relationship. I haven’t seen him since I took him to the bus station.”

Williams says that’s the first time she’s admitted to the very upsetting incident nationwide and she says it “felt good” to talk about it.

Now everyone is running to Twitter to see if some young lady is hashtagging their partner’s name.

[Screenshot: The Real]

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