Miley Cyrus Wants To Do A Nude Concert

Yes, the audience will be nude too. And sprayed with milk. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It may seem like there's nothing else Miley Cyrus can do to shock audiences, but she's gunning to outdo herself. Her latest stunt? A fully nude concert. Not only does Miley want to hit the stage completely in the buff, but she wants The Flaming Lips to be naked when they perform with her too...and...the audience. As if that wasn't crazy enough, everyone will reportedly be sprayed with milk. Yes, really.

Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips frontman, spilled the beans on Instagram earlier today, writing "Oh f--k..!!! @mileycyrus is planning a show where her, the band ( us ) and the audience are all COMPLETELY naked with milk ( well white stuff that looks like milk) is being being spewed everywhere .. It's a video ( in the works) for #mileycyrusandherdeadpetz song The Milky Milky Milk..."

During a recent visit to The Tonight Show, Miley announced her plans to tour with The Flaming Lips to promote her latest album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. So while there's no official word on when this nude concert will take place, chances are it'll be during her next tour.

Would you attend Miley's "no clothes allowed" concert?

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