#MillennialChristmasSongs Is Both Funny And Sad

Your favorite classic Christmas songs just got a modern twist.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
This holiday season has already inspired some great hashtags (#ThanksgivingClapBack and #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, to name a couple). With Christmas quickly approaching, the memes are only going to get funnier from here. Comedy Youtube Show The Midweek Minute kicked things off with #MillenialChristmasSongs last night, inspiring a slew of Christmas song parodies riffing on things like student loan debt, modern dating, and slang.
It only gets depressing when you realize that the word millennial is misspelled in the original hashtag and started trending worldwide anyway, but hey, we all make mistakes. The results were still hilarious. Here are 7 of our faves.

1. . A story of heartbreak we can all relate to:

2. . No gender roles, even for snowpeople:

3. . Simple but so spot-on:

4. . I can't even:

5. . Sad, but true:

6. . Warning: May Cause Ugly Laughter

7. . The Horror:

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