Miss Eaves Drops "Hump Day," An Ode To Body Positivity And Female Self Love

"You just gotta be you and express yourself."

In the great tradition of songs like "Oops (Oh My)" by Tweet and "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls, underground rapper Miss Eaves just dropped a new track dedicated to the joys of lady self-love. But Eaves' new song and accompanying video are putting a body positive spin on a topic as old as time. 

We talked to Eaves about the motivation behind the new jam. Here's what she had to say:

"I want women to feel empowered in their bodies (especially if they do not conform to society's ideals of what is beautiful) and expressing their sexuality. It is easy to allow ourselves to be put into boxes that try to control us from accepting ourselves as we are and I want to challenge this in my music," she reflected thoughtfully.

"I think sometimes I have even held myself back because I feel I dont fit," she added. "But then I realized being normal is totally BS. Which is why I wanted to show a range of women who have way different O faces. It's like: nothing is normal, you just gotta be you and express yourself."

Positive political message aside, the new track is catchy as all hell and shows off the young rapper's raunchy lyrical wit and stylish flow.

You can buy Miss Eaves' debut EP, Black Valley, over on iTunes.

[Photo: YouTube]

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