Miss Michigan Is Dealing With Haters Calling Her "Ugly"

Can you believe this Asian American beauty queen is being called "ugly"?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Arianna Quan made history as the first Asian American winner of Miss Michigan this past June. For no reason whatsoever, the 23-year-old is facing major hatred and backlash over her pageant win.


"All this negativity came out," Quan tells People, "about my appearance and how I'm apparently unfit to represent the Chinese population because I'm 'ugly.' According to Cosmo, she was born in Beijing and moved to Detroit when she was six. She remembers being self-conscious but she learned to quickly learned to embrace her uniqueness.


Her haters are now her motivators. "My goal is to just drive the conversation in an important direction, because there are so many things we have to discuss about immigration and diversity in this country right now," she says. Quan will compete in the Miss America competition in Atlantic City this Sunday and wants to raise awareness for the nation's diversity.

[Photo: Instagram]


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