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Missy Elliott Is One Of Marc Jacobs' Newest Unexpected Muses, And They're All Badass

“In my mind, there is some kind of ­nonlinear connection between all of these people."

A video released for Marc Jacobs' newest collection features just about every cool celebrity imaginable: Sissy Spacek, Susan Sarandon, Marilyn Manson, St. Vincent, Genesis P-Orridge, Cara Delvigne, and Courtney Love. At the top of this list of people that are absolutely just wonderful in every way is hip-hop deity Missy Elliott.

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The video is directed by hip-hop directorial icon Hype Williams and features most of my favorite people on the planet so happy belated birthday to me, I guess.

“In my mind, there is some kind of ­nonlinear connection between all of these people,” Jacobs told Billboard, which debuted the video in conjunction with their new Jacobs/St. Vincent cover. “They’re not one thing. They’re connected because you felt within a certain moment that all these things belong together. There is no rule like, ‘That doesn’t make sense with that.’ It does if you say so.”

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that the nonlinear connection that Jacobs talks about is my eternal love for all of these cuties.

St. Vincent commented that filming the video “was like an acid-trip Fellini film,  or Satyricon ... Genesis P-Orridge was on one side of me, Susan Sarandon on the other, and all these ­gorgeous, statuesque ­redheads milling round. It was lovely to be in the company of real artists and ­genuine, beautiful freaks.”

Surprising many (but not me), Marilyn Manson ended up being a favorite amongst the stylists. “All of the hair and makeup ladies [said they] were ­fanning ­themselves, like, ‘That is the sexiest guy I’ve ever met,’“ remembered Vincent.

Anyway this whole thing is really just the best and I'll be watching it on repeat for the rest of the weekend. See you on Monday, everyone!

[Photo: Hype Williams/Marc Jacobs]



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