Missy Elliott Quietly Drops Bangin' New Single "Pep Rally"

As long as she never duets with Coldplay, she can do no wrong.

By Eric Shorey

Beyonce and Maroon 5 -- I mean Coldplay -- may have headlined the Super Bowl this year, but Missy Elliott is here to remind you that just a year ago we had all been celebrating her return far more enthusiastically. Just in time for the big game, Missy tweeted out her newest track:

While it was hard to take attention away from Gaga and Bey, Missy's new song is an ear wormy high energy bounce jam that'll surely haunt our playlists for the next few months.

Missy's similarly sports-adjacent comeback track "WTF" had been used by ESPN as part of its NBA coverage, ensuring that her appeal transcends demographics.

No word yet on a full length album from the rap goddess, but we eagerly await news of an LP. As long as she doesn't pair up with Maroon 5 -- so sorry, I mean Coldplay! -- she can do no wrong.

Check out the new track for yourself, below:

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