'Naked Attraction' Is The Dating Show Where People Pick Dates Based On Genitals

This is too much.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Would you be willing to choose a date based on nothing but a peek at someone's private parts? It sounds like a crazy concept, but that's what Naked Attraction is all about.

Channel 4 describes their new show as a "daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked." Here's how it works: one lucky contestant is faced with six potential dates, whose faces are hidden but whose bodies, from the waist down to begin with, are on full display. They stand in lit up boxes and let it all (and I do mean all) hang out.

But no, it gets even worse - when the contestant begins to eliminates possible soulmates based on nothing but what they can see of their naked bodies, the eliminated suitor then walks out from behind the screen (still naked) to say goodbye. Because this show wasn't awkward enough, right?

As the show progresses, more and more of the contestant's bodies are revealed, and in the fourth round the contestant gets to hear their voices. During the final round, the contestant also gets naked, so everybody's naked and there are just genitals everywhere, but hopefully an actual love connection too?

And you thought the kissing show was too much. The first episode of Naked Attraction is available to stream on Channel 4's website.



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