Natalie Nunn Dishes On New Bad Girls, Kim Richards, And The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

What's Natalie been up to since the great Uber fight of 2015? Find out how this bad girl took control. 

By Eric Shorey

Bad Girl Superstar Miss Natalie Nunn has been keeping busy since we last saw her. With a whole slew of new reality show appearances, including a spot on Lifetime's The Mother/Daughter Experiment, we wondered how she had the time to embark on her new 12 week workout plan. We caught up with our favorite pretty pugilist and got the tea on everything from the trials and tribulations of diet and exercise to her pop offs with fellow reality stars. Check out the interview, below!

Hey Natalie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Tell us about the 90 day challenge we've been seeing on social media.

Yeah! I have Bad Girls doing it too now! I have Paula, Gabi, Danni, Sarah, Janelle. Gabi texts me like every day, “Can you ask [my husband] Jacob [Payne] what exactly I should be getting at the grocery store for this week?” They're all texting me! It's fun though.

Basically it's a 90 day challenge. Last year at this time, I started working out and I asked Jacob to put together a calendar for me to follow. I was determined to lose weight. I had gotten a lot heavier. I gave myself exactly three months and I lost 40 pounds. The whole thing he put together: I was always posting it, putting up videos, showing people what I was eating but it wasn't something people could join. I was just doing it for myself. And when I saw the results and saw how I felt and how my body changed I said OK...I was getting 1500 comments and 20k likes on all my insta posts and I was like “Damn, people really like this fitness stuff!”

So we created the plan this year and made it available for everyone to join and be a part of. It's like a poster that comes in the mail, it's 12 weeks (90 days), and every day it has our workouts and on the other side it has a full meal plan. It has what you should be eating on certain days that go with certain workouts – you're staying within a certain calorie count. I'm doing it again this year to get ready for summer!

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It's a very healthy diet; I'm not really a fan of diets or counting calories. But I recently turned 30 and I was like, “Wait a minute, I can't keep eating cheesecake! I can't go out and party and drink all this alcohol all the time!” I really cracked down! I realized that when I'm healthy I'm just able to go go go a lot more in a positive way. I feel good! We literally can't keep the poster in stock. In the past two weeks we have close to 1500 people doing the program with us. I'm really happy with it! Everyone's body is different but everybody can be healthy. You know, before Bad Girls Club I was a soccer player! I think people forget all of that.

What was the hardest part of the challenge?

The eating and learning new eating habits. There were days when I was really, really hungry and the bad girl was really coming out. Jacob was like, “Woaw! Relax! You're not starved!” I was just kind of moody and cranky! About 3 weeks in my stomach was kind of shrinking and I wasn't always hungry. But the calories I have everybody staying within – it's a challenge! Because it's not easy! But I promise everybody after the second week your body just kind of goes. But in the beginning I was like, “Ok I need a cheeseburger! I need some carbs!”


What's been the best part of the challenge?

It feels good helping people! I'm encouraging everyone to keep going. America has an obesity problem. We love our fast food! We really have to get it together! It feels good pushing everybody and giving people hope! People want to be in shape! It feels really good to be inspiring everyone!

It must be weird to be going from someone who had a pretty notorious reputation to being an inspiration to people.

Yeah. I feel like the Bad Girl thing is always going to be with me. But that's kind of where everything stemmed from, it is who I am in a lot of ways. But I feel like if you can take something that maybe was a platform that people weren't always inspired by and do something that everyone is just totally eating up: it feels good.

People everywhere now are telling me “You've inspired me to go to the gym! I wanna get my life!” That's all anyone says to me now! “I wanna be slayed for the summer! I wanna be snatched for the gods!” Everyone has joined me in something positive, for themselves too, not just for me. I could have easily just put out a lipstick line or something. But this is something for people. It's not just for me, it's for you!

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You've not only been improving yourself physically, it seems like you've been doing a lot of work emotionally with Marriage Bootcamp and The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

Ya know, I've always been the bad girl. It was very obvious that America knew I was a bad girl from Bad Girls Club. But my relationship with my mom, my husband – It's always been like, Natalie has her bad girl ways. It doesn't just stop on the show. So I went on there to work out a lot of little kinks I had with my husband, and our relationship is stronger than it ever was. Same with my mom and I on this other show I just did with Lifetime.

I've always had my ups and downs with my mom. We've always kind of bumped heads, we've always kind of been best friends but at the same time I have my bad girl ways. I have that “I don't care what you have to say” attitude. So we really worked out a lot of issues on the show. It feels good! She works out with me now! She comes to the gym!

It looks like you didn't stay out of trouble on that show either though.

Yeah there were some issues with the other moms and daughters. It was a lot of strong personalities. Me and Kim Richards had our ups and downs a few times. I never really watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I'm more of an Atlanta fan. I didn't really know Kim Richards was the way she was. I didn't know she had it in her – that she had a little firecracker mouth on her. Every time she said something of course – she always had something to say – I thought the Beverly Hills Housewives were a little toned down. She was very judgmental. We just come from different worlds. We would talk about how my mom raised me and Kim always had something to say. I tried nicely to explain that to her in the beginning, like, please don't be judgmental. My family aren't the Hiltons. She would just fire off on me! It was like Natalie vs Kim Richards every episode... it would just go back and forth. But I learned a lot from Kim and how she was raised in Beverly Hills, coming from money, a young actress. I have a lot of respect for her too. At the same time – she just has a mouth! She should have been on the Bad Girls Club! Maybe a Bad Moms Club show! She'd be the star for sure.

I would watch that! Speaking of Bad Girls, have you been keeping up with the new girls?

Not the newest season, yet. I haven't met any of them yet. I met Jela in Texas! She was really sweet. We partied together last year while her season was airing, I really liked her. I haven't met any of the other girls.

I really liked The Clermont Twins! I had to stop watching after their stuff got destroyed. I wanted to come through the screen! They were the real bad girls on the show, along with Jela. They were pretty; they deserved to be a part of the Bad Girls Club. They deserve to be part of the sorority. They're the only girls I follow from that season on social media. They were the ones that stood out the most, the stars of the season for sure.

I'll have to catch the new one! I think the sisters thing is cool, it's a good twist to it. The one thing I would want any of the new season girls to do: I hope they can stay longer. You start to kind of like them and then something happens and they get kicked off. Just stay a little longer! That's the only advice I could give them all. At least let the viewers get to know you before you throw a punch and get kicked out! I wanna get to know them, see their cute outfits every week – but these girls are there for two episodes and then they're gone! Like, damn! I was starting to like them!


One last question before we let you go. We heard about what happened when you got in a street fight over an Uber last year. You Ok? What was that all about?

I mean honestly, it's not that difficult to tell if an Uber is yours or not. It was our Uber. A lot of people are taking Uber cause they're drunk. The other couple, they didn't even have their phones in their hands to see the driver's face or what car or whatever. I had my phone in my hand, like, this is mine. They wouldn't let us get in the car! This guy spit in Jacob's face. It was a brawl. My husband was not going to let them spit in his face. We nicely told them a few times before, like, no, this is our Uber. They were very hostile. I kind of knew what was going to happen – the girl was throwing her bag down. I was like, over an Uber? This is crazy! It happened so quickly – I was like, well, looks like it's gunna be a fight tonight! I mean, it was a bunch of frat boys, all these college kids. We had went to one of my make up guy's birthday parties that day at a fun little gay bar. And then we're leaving, and they were all so drunk. It was stupid.

Honestly, my husband is the most calm person in the world. He's the opposite of me. He's such a big guy, people are so intimidated by him but he'd never raise his voice at someone, let alone a hand. But I knew! When that guy spit on him! I was like, this is going to get ugly.

It was all over TMZ, everyone saw it. People know us not just from TV. We're not always the crazy loud couple, but Sacramento got a little piece of Bad Girl Natalie and Bad Boy Jacob! I really didn't want my husband to fight or anything! It wasn't even a fair fight, my husband's so much bigger!

You can take the bad girl out of the club but you can't take the bad out of her heart!

I know, right! If you're gunna spit on my husband it's game time!

You can grab a 12 Week Workout Plan for yourself over on Natalie's website.

Tune in to #BGC15 Twisted Sisters Tuesday March 15 at 8/7c!

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