NC's Bathroom Law Cost The State Another $250 Million And 750 Jobs

This is in addition to the $395 million already estimated in losses.

More bad news for North Carolina. The state's controversial anti-LGBT bill is hitting its economy with another blow to the tune of $250 million. According to the Advocate, another company has chosen not to do business with the state over the discriminatory House Bill 2.

CoStar Group, a Washington D.C. real estate analytics firm, would have added a $250 million investment in the city. Due to the prejudicial law, the company chose to open its new operations center in Richmond, Virginia instead of Charlotte. This decision also cost the city 730 new jobs.

David Dorsch, CoStar’s commercial real estate broker, told the Charlotte Business Journal that the company doesn't want to be associated with discrimination. “The primary reason they chose Richmond over Charlotte was HB 2." HB 2 is the bill that forces transgender people to use public restrooms that don't correspond with their chosen gender identity in schools and public buildings. 

This is just the latest of several businesses, including PayPal, Pepsi and Hyatt, to boycott North Carolina because of its anti-LGBT law. Several celebrities have chosen not to perform or appear there either. Wired estimated that the state had already lost $395 million, so this is yet another blow.


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