Nev Schulman Threw Shade At Black Girls During 'Black Girls Rock'

In other news: Nev Schulman is an a**hole.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

BET's Black Girls Rock is an annual event created to empower and uplift black girls and women. It's all about being positive, so only a real jerk would use that occasion to throw unnecessary shade at black girls, right?

Well, it looks like Nev Schulman has some explaining to do. While Black Girls Rock was airing, he decided to tweet some shade at black girls, even going so far as using the event hashtag, taking his point all the way home.

"#BlackGirlsRock I totally agree. They also tend to #catfish a lot. Just sayin," read the tweet. The Catfish host quickly deleted it after the Twitterverse rightly came for his throat. To his credit, Nev has since apologized and seems to have even learned from the experience.

Nev later claimed that he was "just trying to be playful," but saw that his comment "wasn't appropriate." Still, how anyone could think that intruding on a hashtag meant to uplift a marginalized group was anywhere near "playful" is beyond me.

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