Nicki Minaj Actually Didn't Break Up With Meek Mill For Cheating

He messed up though.

By Aimée Lutkin

It’s been assumed that the “official” breakup of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had something to do with the cheating rumors circulating about the couple for some time now. After the two spent New Year’s Eve separately - though they were both in Miami - it looked like Meek had stepped over the line one time too many; he did, but in a different way than what we all assumed.

Nicki went to Turks and Caicos for her birthday and to show off her incredible bathing suit and high heel combo to her followers. Meek Mill was notably absent, though they usually post constant TMI pics online. Turns out, he was there, but Nicki did not like how he was conducting himself. TMZ reports that Meek was spending his girlfriend’s birthday vacay hanging out with his fellas, and she was pissed. They got into a huge argument and he left the party. Apparently, this is when Nicki Minaj took a hard look at her life and was like, “I don’t need this.” She broke it off.

The woman who Meek Mill was suspected of having cheated on Nicki with, Sonye Rasool, told TMZ that she and Meek used to hook up years ago, but she has nothing to do with their breakup now. In fact, she’s threatening some publications with defamation lawsuits for saying so.

Cheating on someone is a terrible thing to do, but it seems like Meek Mill’s problem is just that he’s terrible to have around.

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