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Nicki Minaj Announced Her New Remy Ma Diss In The Shadiest Way Possible

"They ain't about sh*t in real life."

It looks like Nicki Minaj isn't quite finished throwing shade at Remy Ma.

In case you missed it, the pair is still beefing (even though Remy said she was done with it last month). Most recently, Remy took a few shots at Nicki during her Summer Jam performance last week, even going as far as saying "F*ck Nicki Minaj" on stage.

Nicki has been throwing her own fair share of shade at Remy too, though. A clip of "Realize," her new collab with 2 Chainz, was posted online last week, and Nicki's verse contains a pretty blatant shot at Remy.

"Papoose wrote the 'ETHER' record, but I broke Aretha record," Nicki raps, implying that Remy's husband Papoose is really the one behind the pen.

Well, "Realize" was officially released yesterday, and Nicki made an announcement about the track on Instagram.

"My 2 Chainz collaboration #Realize is OUT NOW !! !! !! !!" she wrote. "[Realize... a lot of these n*ggaz tell REAL LIES...they ain't about sh*t in REAL LIFE...And that's smthn I had to REALIZE. REALIZE]"

Sounds like what Nicki was saying with the "No Frauds" track, which, of course, was also aimed at Remy. Of course, this one could also be aimed at her ex Meek Mill, and that's just if it's aimed at anyone in particular at all.

What do you think? Was Nicki talking to someone in particular or nah? Take a look at her post below.

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