Nicki Minaj Didn't Throw Shade At J-Lo At The AMAs

Not everything the internet freaks out over is legit.

By Eric Shorey

The American Music Awards were held last night to much fanfare and celebration. The event was star-studded, but the moment catching everyone's eyes has little to do with actual awards. After cameras caught Nicki Minaj looking askance during host Jennifer Lopez's performance of "Anaconda" during an introductory dance medley, Twitter quickly freaked out over what might be the start of a new diva feud.

But don't believe everything you read on Twitter (or; more accurately, don't believe anything you read on Twitter). What might have seemed like a deliciously shady moment was actually just an editing trompe-l'oeil.

Here's the moment, caught by Twitter user DJ Akademiks:

After a wave of speculation on social media, Your Minajesty Herself chimed in to clarify the situation:

A few stray thoughts on this: 1) This would have been an amazing feud. 2) Assuming that women are constantly picking fights with each other and nitpicking their expressions is sexist. 3) This would have been an amazing feud.

Anyway, let's hope the two end up collaborating on a track in the near future to help clarify how little shade was ever actually being thrown here.

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