Nicki Minaj Fell In Love With A Fan And Posted About It On Instagram

Nicki was the one who was starstruck this time.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It was love at first sight. Nicki Minaj was out and about recently when she found herself getting infatuated with a swoon-worthy fan. She told the tale on Instagram, and even posted a picture so her 77 million followers could understand where she was coming from.

"I'll never hate on u thirsty n*ggaz ever again," Nicki wrote. "I was totally in my own world when she asked for a pic. N*ggaz was snappin & taking selfies. Someone told her I wasn't taking pics. In the corner of my eye I saw her walking away."

"I reached right back out like 'Oh hey, u said u wanted a pic?'" she continued. "She was like 'Everyone says I'm your twin.' I said 'Oh do they now? Well twin, sh*t, come on, let's take this pic bih, what's ya number?'"

Nicki added, "I totally understand why u n*ggaz r suckers for bad b*tchs now. It's not u, it's us."

Check out Nicki's post below.

[Photo: Instagram]

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