Nicki Minaj Flirted With John Mayer On Twitter And Even He's Shocked

That awkward moment when you shoot your shot and it actually works.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Does Nicki Minaj have her eye on John Mayer? The two had a seriously flirty exchange on social media over the weekend.

On Friday, Mayer casually mentioned Minaj on Twitter, writing, "I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not."

Whether he was expecting a response from the woman herself or not, he got one. Minutes after Mayer's first tweet, Minaj replied, "Would my body be your wonderland?"

She was obviously referencing Mayer's 2002 hit, "Your Body Is a Wonderland," and later tweeted, "Asking for a friend."

Mayer reacted the way pretty much anyone would if Nicki Minaj flirted with them: by totally losing his sh*t.

Mayer made no attempt to play it cool, writing, "Please hold, losing my sh*t. This isn't my reply yet."

Would you be into Nicki Minaj and John Mayer as a couple? One also can't help but wonder if Nicki read John's infamous 2010 Playboy interview β€”Β let's hope he's become less of a douche since then. (Seriously, what kind of guy says that they have a "white supremacist d*ck"? Come on, John. Do better.)

Anyway, you can check out their tweets below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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