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Nicki Minaj Didn't Offer Condolences For Orlando Shooting, And Her LGBT Fans Are Angry

After she unfollowed a fan who called her out for not offering condolences, things only got messier.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, which has been deemed the worst mass shooting in American history, many celebrities have spoken out, offering condolences to those affected and even calling for stricter gun control laws.

Nicki Minaj, however, has yet to comment, and on Wednesday (3 days after the deadly shooting that cost 49 people their lives), tweeted about the release of her new song.


It was a move that ended up angering many of her fans - especially those in the LGBT community - and many of them are asking for an explanation for her silence. It all started when Twitter user @jxhnnybxrrios called the rapper out.

Shortly thereafter, he claimed that Nicki unfollowed him because of the tweet.

Fans then started to call her out.

Nicki then started favoriting tweets that defended her right to tweet or not tweet as she sees fit.

Then, after Perez Hilton commented that he was disappointed in Nicki's silence, a fan clapped back at Perez, and Nicki favorited that tweet as well.

Nicki's final stance on the situation? She's unbothered, basically.

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