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Nicki Minaj Just Blasted Famous Shoe Designer Giuseppe Zanotti For Racism

He won't answer her calls, but she's blowing up his spot everywhere online.

Nicki Minaj is at war with Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. The rapper took to Twitter and Instagram and claimed that the brand—that has a shoe named after her—refuses to collaborate with her out of racism and disrespect.

"#GiuseppeZanotti seems to think it's ok to name his sneakers after me but his PR says they won't take our call. Lol.," she tweeted. "Recently when he gave other artists capsule collections, my agency reached out and was told they're not taking our call."

Nicki claims the decision to ignore her request is offensive and racist. "Just go on google, you'll see all the different pairs he's named after me. Lil black girl can inspire u but ain't worth a collection my nig?"

Nicki's fans jumped on the story and began trending #Giuseppewhatsgood on Twitter.  As for her motives behind the rant, Nicki claims that it's not about money but rather, respect.

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