Nicki Minaj Just Went Off On A Gossip Site On Twitter

Don't ever claim that Nicki's behind is the reason she's successful, unless you want a social media beatdown.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Whether she's on stage during a live broadcast or scrolling through social media, Nicki Minaj is not afraid to clap back when the situation calls for it. Whoever runs the Twitter account for the popular entertainment news website Bossip is the latest person to get on Nicki's bad side.
It all started innocently enough, with Bossip tweeting a simple question over the weekend: "Why aren't there more mainstream female rappers?" Bossip then began retweeting responses that mentioned Nicki by name - some of which implied that Nicki's music is trash and that she only rose to fame because of her bodacious behind.
Retweets don't always equal endorsements, but Nicki must have missed that memo because when she heard about what Bossip was retweeting, she went in on 'em - hard.
Bossip first tried to explain the "RTs are not necessarily endorsements" rule before getting a little sassy and calling Nicki's response pathetic.
They even used her own lyrics against her.
Now, only one question remains: are you #TeamNicki or #TeamBossip?
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