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Nicki Minaj Proclaims Love For Meek Mill At Concert

The Harajuku Barbie is still smitten, apparently.

Tabloids have been speculating about the demise of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's romance for a while now, but The Nickster seems to have put those rumors to rest recently at a live show in South Africa.

During the concert, Minaj excitedly asked audience members to send Meek a message from across the world, prompting them to scream "Baby, I miss you!" in unison.

Later in the performance, a slideshow of the duo's love played on the big screen as she performed their duet, "All Eyes On You," featuring Chris Brown. A quick snippet of the visuals were caught on Instagram:


Looks like they'll be getting to baby-making sooner rather than later.

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