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Nicki Minaj Reflects On Her Journey As A Female Rapper (Video)

She's come a long way.

The climb to the top is never easy.

In a new interview for XXL magazine's 20th anniversary issue, Nicki Minaj opened up about her journey as a female rapper, speaking candidly about the hurdles she's had to overcome and the doors she managed to open for women in hip hop as a whole.

"My role in hip-hop has been super unique because when my first album came out, there had been so much time where there wasn't a female rap album out that went platinum," she explained. "There wasn't a big female rap presence right before I got in. So, my role was reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture."

"I aligned myself with a lot of brands, and I was able to show that a female rapper was able to sell products," she continued. "Whether it was the makeup, the lipsticks, whether it was the nail polish, headphones or anything like that. It just said, 'You know what? We were overlooking female rappers for a long time.' I don't think we got that much credit. I think female rappers have always been dope and influential, but I think I sort of came in at a time where big business was paying attention, so I was able to capitalize off of a lot of deals and business ventures."

Considering that she's launched everything from her own clothing line to her own mobile game and does way more than just music, Nicki Minaj has definitely come a long way from her mixtape days, and thanks to her lasting impact, so have female rappers in general.

You can check out a clip from Nicki's XXL interview below.

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