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Nicki Minaj Says Kanye West Almost Cut "Monster" From His Album

Nicki helped convince him to reconsider.

Kanye West's "Monster" is a pretty well-loved song among rap fans and casual listeners alike. Believe it or not though, the track, which features verses from heavy hitters like Jay Z and Nicki Minaj, almost didn't make it onto the final version of Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In honor of the song's 7-year anniversary, Minaj took to Instagram to reveal a behind-the-scenes convo she had with Kanye years ago. Apparently, the "Famous" rapper was worried about being outshone, so much so that he was considering not even releasing the song.

"Kanye called me to tell me Jay put a verse on this song & that he was still deciding if he would put it on his album. Haha," Minaj wrote. "It was like an hour long call where I tried to convince him to let the song stay on his album. He felt this verse would end up being the talk of the album. I said: YOU'RE KANYE WEST!!!!"

Nicki and Kanye apparently didn't see eye to eye on everything at first, with the rapper explaining, "Kanye, thank you for being the genius you are. You always put others first. I fought u every step of the way but it worked out. (He wanted me to add more of that growling monster voice and I felt it was over kill.) He wouldn't give in. In the end, maybe he was right. Ha!"

And here's another interesting tidbit Nicki shared: Blac Chyna was cast as Nicki's body double in the video, and it was Chyna's BFF Amber Rose, who was dating Kanye at the time, who pushed for Kanye to meet with Nicki in the first place.

Crazy, right? Who would have ever guessed?

Check out Nicki's full post below.

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