Nicki Minaj Was Inappropriately Groped By A Male Fan During Performance

No! Bad!

By Eric Shorey

Look, we all love Nicki Minaj's ass. We all loved "Anaconda." We all love butts, in general! But just because the world's hypest female MC has various lyrics about the greatness of her behind -- that doesn't give you open permission to grab at it during her shows, or ever, without her express consent. 

Watch this video, found by Bossip:

No! Keep your creepy hands away from her!

This is a prime example of bad concert-going behavior, especially when the performer is a lady. No matter how hard a girl twerks, she is not inviting you to touch her! No! Bad!

It's unclear if the groper (or gropers? Hard to tell) were allowed to remain at the concert after the incident, or whether Nicki will pursue any kind of action against them. But one thing is for sure: no one ever do this at a show, ever. Like, seriously!


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