Nicki Minaj's Verse On Yo Gotti's "Down In The DM" Remix Outshines Original

The queen of the guest verse still reigns supreme.

By Eric Shorey

Nicki Minaj essentially made her career off of her guest verses. While her albums became important works on their own, it was always the Nickster's quick-witted raps on other dudes' tracks that garnered the most critical attention. Remember how even Kanye acknowledged getting bested on his own jam by Miss Minajesty? "She kicked my ass, on my own song," he said in a speech in Oxford.

Well, old ass-kicking habits die hard, apparently. Nicki just appeared as a feature on a remix of Yo Gotti's "Down in the DM," once again putting her male counterparts to shame with a speedy and skillful rap -- all the while denying dudes the sex they so desperately want from her.

Check out the remix for yourself, below:

Nicki isn't afraid to bring up old beefs with Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus here, nor should she be considering how strong she comes off. Even after a quick pause, Nicki pops back on the mic to deliver more devastating bars.

It's been almost two years since The Pinkprint dropped, but if Nicki keeps releasing these hard as hell features, it won't matter if we don't get another LP for a while.

Nicki isn't afraid of confrontation. Check out the rapper's biggest celebrity beefs:

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