No DNA Found on O.J. Simpson's Knife

Buried knife is reportedly inconclusive.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Good news for O.J. Simpson.The buried knife recovered on his property is reportedly not the weapon used in the 1994 murders. According to TMZthe knife has been tested and the former athlete's DNA is not on it.

Because the knife was buried for so long--over 20 years--any DNA was degraded and nothing conclusive could be found. Apparently, no hair or other samples (e.g. clothing fibers) could be extracted. The LAPD has yet to announce the findings but TMZ says that any further investigation is closed.

Once the mystery knife was discovered, some thought that the case against O.J. Simpson would be reopened. O.J. has maintained his innocence around the murders of ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. When the knife was unearthed, he dismissed its importance by saying that he isn't "that stupid" to just leave something like that laying around.

Back to square one. 

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