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North Carolina School Wants To Ban Leggings And Skinny Jeans To Prevent Bullying

They say the "bigger girls" were getting bullied. So they banned leggings. Huh?!

Oh, give me a break. North Carolina is quickly becoming a haven for regressive ideas about gender. Following the state's increasingly hostile battle against the Department of Justice over controversial anti-transgender bathroom laws, one NC school district is now attempting to outlaw leggings and skinny jeans. Why? To "prevent bullying." Yeah, okay.

The outrage at the New Hanover County School district became palpable after changes to the dress code now explicitly disallows students from wearing "excessively tight fitting pants," unless they wear a dress over said skinny trousers. Punishment for breaking the rule ranges from being asked to change to suspension.

Wect.com asked New Hanover County School Board Vice Chair Jeannette Nichols about the justification for the new rules. Her reasoning was that "bigger girls" were getting bullied over their tight jeans.

So instead of addressing the bullying ... she punished the girls by restricting what they could wear? Right, okay.

Of course, the battle over the new dress code is playing out over social media, where students are rightfully calling out their sartorially fascist overlords for their hypocrisy and inability to address more serious issues:

The school responded to the criticisms by warning kids about the dangers of social media:

Cool response, reasonable adults! Glad to see you're all taking the education of the next generation of America so seriously.

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