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North West Already Knows How To Give Paparazzi A Side-Eye

She kills 'em with a look.

North West was born directly into a spotlight. The first kid of social media queen Kim Kardashian and musical genius/maniac Kanye West probably didn’t have much of a choice about how she’d be perceived by the world. Until she’s old enough to rebel, it’s going to be pictures, pictures, pictures. Though she seems like a well cared for and loved kid, there is something very sad about a baby yelling, “No pictures!” at the paparazzi, but fate is cruel.

Kim likes to keep us all updated on the ways that North resembles her mom and aunties.


She loves clothes, she loves dressing up like mom, and she loves giving side eye.

Kim shared this very cute pic of North West looking at some tabloid photographer trying to snatch a pic while she was shopping with her mom in Bal Harbour, Florida, on Sunday. That expression should melt the lens:


And she’s just getting started. By the time North West is a teen she’ll be killing reporters with a glance.

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