Obama Says "Pop Off" In Press Conference. Is He A BGC Fan?

But is he #TeamClerminah or #TeamEveryoneElse?

By Eric Shorey

Obama is taking a lesson from the pretty pugilists of Bad Girls Club. In a press conference on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris this weekend, the President came down hard on right-wing critics of his plan to prevent future attacks and the racism of his opponents who are interested in banning Syrian refugees from entering our country.

While all of this is very serious stuff, a vaguely humorous moment arose when Big O borrowed some Bad Girl lexicon. "Folks wanna pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do? Present a specifc plan," Obama demanded of his detractors.

Video of the deliciously cantekerous moment was caught by various Twitter users:

Damon Young of Very Smart Brothas, who called the moment "the blackest thing that ever happened this week," speculated on how the slang even entered Obama's vocabulary:  "Does [Obama] possess a reservoir of culturally relevant slang terms and colloquialisms that he employs when White people aren’t around?" Young asked.

"President Obama genuinely gives no f*cks at this point." Young continued. "He is f*ck devoid. F*ck deficient. F*ck deprived. F*ck destitute. His cupboard of f*cks is barren; his tank of f*cks has been depleted. You know how, on cloudy nights, you might look up into the vast and endless sky and not find any stars? The same thing would happen if you looked at Obama and searched for f*cks. And this, this total absence of f*cks, is where pop off came from."

We're betting Obama caught a few episodes of Season 14 while trying to blow off some steam from dealing with Republicans. But here's the relevent question: Is Obama #TeamClerminah or #TeamEveryoneElse?

Either way, he's almost ready to throw hands.

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