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Oh?! 'Power' Creator Just Revealed That Her Beef With 50 Cent Was All His Idea

Are you surprised or entertained?

50 Cent's drama on Power made it into real life when he started publicly beefing with the show's creator last year. The rapper was heated, claiming that he was shown nude in a sex scene without his consent. Now, the show's creator and Executive Producer, Courtney Kemp, is revealing that the beef was totally made up.

"It’s all bullsh*t!” she explains to Refinery 29. 

In a new interview, she breaks down what happened. “50 and I are extremely close, so all that social media drama? It’s just for the show," she says. "People truly believed that he did not know his d*ck was going to be on camera. I couldn’t believe it! Do you know how long we had to prepare for that shot? Of course he knew."

Earlier, 50 Cent had taken to social media to threaten Kemp, telling her to "kiss my ass." Kemp explains that it was all part of a brilliant marketing plan. "The whole thing just gave us so much more buzz and helped me realize how we can use social media to our advantage. 50 Cent is a brilliant marketer.”

Hmmm... how smart of a move was it to tell that it was all a ploy? Read her full interview at Refinery 29

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