O.J. Says He'll Give Khloe A Paternity Test If She Visits Him In Prison

"Like her, he wants to know if she is his daughter."

By Eric Shorey

It looks like OJ Simpson has agreed to Khloe Kardashian's paternity test under the condition that she visit him in prison. Does anyone else feel like this is starting to sound kind of Days of Our Lives-y? 

Just yesterday it was announced that Khloe was looking to validate her suspicions about her heritage by asking OJ to submit to genetic testing that would confirm if he, and not Rob Kardarashian, is actually her father. Now, the story is getting even more complicated: Daily Mail sources are saying that the prison in which OJ is being kept has approved the request for the test, but OJ has some things he wants to discuss with Khloe in person first.

The news comes by way of Jeffrey Felix, a former Lovelock prison guard who once published a book on what it was like guarding the former athlete. OJ apparently is asking for Khloe to "show him a little respect." 

"He wants to talk to her about some other things too, but more importantly like her he wants to know if she is his daughter," Felix said.

Kris Jenner has previously admitted that she was not entirely faithful to Robert during their marriage, leaving many questions about Khloe's paternity open.

Will OJ reveal other sordid details about the Kardashian past? Does Khloe have a secret hidden twin? Stay tuned...

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