Oklahoma Just Voted To Make Abortion A Felony

Yes, this explictly contradicts Roe V. Wade.

By Eric Shorey

Just yesterday, Oklahoma state legislators passed a bill that would make it illegal for doctors to provide safe, medical abortions. Doctors who continue to practice abortion procedures could face up to three years in prison if Republican Governor Mary Fallin doesn't veto the bill.

Does this state law explicity contradict the landmark Roe V. Wade decision, which made abortion legal throghout the country? Yes. And that's why numerous pro-choice organizations are already preparing suits against the state should the law proceed to the next phase.

The bill passed with almost overwhelming support: state senators voted 33-12 in favor of the new restrictive laws, with Democrats expectedly in opposition. The Associated Press reports that Republican Senator Ervin Yen, the only physician in the senate, sided with the Democrats and called the bill "insane."

The only silver lining here? The new bill does allow for exceptions to the law when the mother's life is at risk. Great...

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